Velaa Private Island

Velaa Private Island, one of the most exclusive resorts in the Maldives, has introduced a CSR initiative targeting waste management aspects for the local people of Noonu Atoll called Fehikuramaa.

Committed to achieving sustainable development and a clean environment, Velaa Private Island has started the sustainability initiative to address the waste management issues faced in the Maldives, also due to geographical and logistical challenges.

Velaa Private Island aims to support the neighbouring local island communities in enhancing their resilience to deal with growing concerns in managing solid waste.

The project intends to build a sustainable community waste management culture by developing an environmentally friendly mindset through awareness, training and support to adapt the best waste disposal and management practices within the island communities of the Maldives.

Wayne Milgate, General Manager of Velaa Private Island, said: “Fehikuramaa in Dhivehi language broadly means ‘Let’s make the environment greener’, and that’s precisely what we hope to achieve through this initiative.

“One of the biggest takeaways from the recent COP26 UN Climate Change Conference is the crystal clear consensus that all nations need to do much more than what we have been doing in the past if we want to move in the right direction towards a greener planet.

“We believe that we all need to be part of the solution and know that the Fehikuramaa project will help the local communities to adopt the best waste disposal and management practices. We are grateful to live and work in this beautiful part of the world and are driven to bring change and create more such practices to help preserve the beauty of the Maldivian islands.”

The CSR initiative will conduct intensive awareness, waste management and sustainability guidance sessions for children and adults across all 13 inhabited islands covering the Noonu atoll in a phased manner. Various subject matter experts will conduct all the sessions under established guidelines and within the regulatory framework of the Maldives.

Velaa Private Island will give out reusable water bottles and tote bags, and an information booklet to all participants. The booklet features educational content covering different subjects such as recycling, reducing consumption of single-use items, waste separation, composting, littering and environmentalism.

As part of its environmental commitment and social responsibility, Velaa Private Island also has a team of marine biologists overseeing a coral restoration program in the Maldives. The project includes reef restoration, marine life monitoring and educational programs such as teaching guests how to look after the ocean for future generations.