Furthering its commitment to environmental sustainability, Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi has also partnered with OceanR.

This brand is renowned not only for its high-quality, stylish, custom-made clothing but also for its active role in planet preservation. OceanR’s innovative approach involves converting ocean-recovered plastic waste into durable and fashionable fabrics, with each garment embodying a message of environmental responsibility. These eco-conscious products are available at the resort, offering guests a tangible connection to the cause of ecosystem protection.

In a significant move to bolster its conservation efforts, the resort has forged a partnership with Parley Maldives, a local extension of the global Parley for the Oceans organization.

This collaboration is centred around the Parley AIR strategy, which encompasses Avoidance of plastic use, Intercepting plastic waste, and Redesigning materials and methods. This joint endeavour aims to address major threats to the ocean, the planet’s most vital ecosystem, by bringing together a diverse group of creators, thinkers, and leaders. The objective is to enhance awareness of the ocean’s beauty and vulnerability and to develop projects to halt its destruction.

The Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi has taken a staunch stance on environmental protection, particularly focusing on the preservation of its natural reef. Amidst global concerns over marine plastic pollution and marine conservation, the resort’s efforts have intensified. A key aspect of their commitment is the maintenance of coral nurseries by their in-house Marine Biologist, ensuring optimal conditions for coral reproduction and growth. This initiative is critical for rehabilitating the corals, which are reattached to the resort’s reef.